Coffee Culture at its best in Wellington

To be honest, as a girl who was born and bred in China, the charm of coffee has never really hit me- mostly because my idea of coffee resembles something fancy and icy, topped with cream and sweet sauce served in a cute green cup.

Inevitably, after living in Auckland for more than 10 years, I slowly began to understand the difference between a milky Latte; a foamy Cappuccino, the bitter Macchiato (no it’s different to a “Caramel Macchiato”, and I found that out in a hard way); the perfect marriage of chocolate & coffee in a Mochaccino; and lastly the Kiwi favourite-Flat White. I started to taste the rich, creamy, milkiness in my coffee, which is perfectly blended with the aroma of coffee beans. However, I’m still not a regular coffee drinker like 80% of the NZ population. Instead, I have it as an occasional treat, or sometimes as an essential helper during my university tests and exams.

This changed after I came to Wellington, NZ’s coffee capital.

Firstly, almost every cafe serves brilliant coffee, and it’s not uncommon to see queues waiting outside during peak hours. On a windy day ( the majority of the time), no one can resist a warm cup of coffee with a cheeky cheese scone (YUM). I slowly began to understand that Cold Brew is so much different to an Iced Coffee or a Frappuccino and that Mojo and Flight Coffee are more than just the shop’s name. Instead, it’s a type of coffee bean.

Being surrounded by excellent coffee shops is dangerous. You need to control your mouth as well as your wallet. However, this has been proven to be excruciatingly hard when there are more than 6 Mojos on Lambton Quay alone…As someone who prefers boutique cafes over commercialised cafe chains, I used to refuse to visit places including Mojo. However, I got to admit, Mojo, I’m in love with you! Love their mocha and latte, absolutely the smoothest and aromatic coffee that is always served to you at the right temperature. A trick that I have found and gotten myself into is getting a “Chai Latte”, tea with a cinnamon flavour that is cleverly disguised as coffee. It’s also got a perfect milky foam on top which I love, and goes perfectly with a chocolate ginger finger! I’m resisting the temptations of Lattes, so the kick from coffee will still work for me in crisis times (not become a coffee addict), but it’s not an easy!





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