A Pho-togenic meal in Otahuhu

Having lived in one part of Auckland ever since I moved to New Zealand, I have to admit that there’s still so much to explore in our little big city.

Having never been a fan of Vietnamese Cuisine, I’m glad that I didn’t let my prejudice hold me back when it comes to digging into an amazing bowl of “Bun Cha Gio” (spring rolls vermicelli) at Try It Out Otahuhu. What a pleasant surprise! I loved every single part of my bowl of flavoursome goodness: the crunchy pork spring rolls; the fresh bean sprouts with a lemon zest; the tangy fish sauce that’s in between sweet and salty; and the smooth vermicelli! They have nailed every component, and oh Try It Out; I’m glad I gave you a go!

Luckily, going to eateries with friends always means that you get to try something different- and I was fortunate enough to taste the classic PHO-tai. It was d.i.v.i.n.e. Absolutely delicious! What was truly magical to me was the fact that you could create a completely different taste with the side sauces this accompany the dish. Firstly, the pho itself comes in a rich stock that is infused with the aroma of coriander. If you want a bit of a “Zing”, squeeze some fresh lemon juice, and your pallet is immediately refreshed! The best part comes when you mix the two types of chilli (and tomato?) paste with the stock and lemon juice- KA BOOM! It was an amazingly sweet, spicy, light sour taste that is truly heavenly. I felt no different than a hungry kid roaming the narrow streets of Vietnam who is immediately satisfied by no more than a bowl of pho. It was pho(surr)-real! Overall, love to go again, and again, and again…


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